What is a Community Foundation?

Community Foundations are building  a local fund which will benefit their local community forever.

They provide an easy way for people to give to their community, making an investment for long term community transformation and connecting generous people who care with causes that matter.

How did Community Foundations start?

The concept began in North America in 1914 and today there are 1,838 Funds world wide with $63.2 billion under management. Community foundations in New Zealand are part of what has become a growing global movement of place-based philanthropy.

Currently there are 17 Community Foundations in New Zealand, from Northland through to Clutha in the south. Together they have over $120 million under management with many more millions in anticipated funds (or bequests) pledged for future community transformation.

Donated funds are invested, with the returns going back to the community.


How do Community Foundations work?

How is a Community Foundation different from a Community Trust?

Ways to give through your local Community Foundation

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