Vital Signs® Research

How do community foundations make decisions about community priorities for funding?

Many of our members are undertaking extensive research into the health of their communities, and where their resources are best channeled, through research which has been developed in Canada. This research is called Vital Signs®, because it measures the vitality of our communities and supports action towards improving our collective quality of life.

Vital Signs® Reports gather data and spark conversations. They provide a community check-up that measures vitality, identifies significant social and economic trends and supports action on issues that are critical to our quality of life.

The aim is that the Vital Signs®Report will be an agenda-setting tool—a list of priorities for communities to consider in the coming years. The final reports not only assist Foundations in establishing granting priorities, but will also aid work  by other local agencies. A successful Vital Signs® Report will also generate discussion, forge new partnerships towards collective impact and, ultimately, result in a healthier communities and a better quality of life for all.

As an example, below is a snapshot from Waikato Vital Signs® Report 2016:

Vital Signs® research is thorough and extensive. See our current Vital Signs® Reports, run in communities across New Zealand, by downloading them at the links:

Waikato Vital Signs Report 2016
Western BOP Vital Signs Report 2018
Eastern BOP Vital Signs Report 2018
Rotorua Vital Signs 2018
Taupo Vital Signs 2018