Starting your own charity endowment fund


Here are the top ten reasons for starting your own charity endowment fund:

  1. A professionally managed endowment fund will return far more to your charity over time than a one-off donation
  2. The perpetuity model ensures a sustainable income stream
  3. Your donors will appreciate being given another, more strategic option for supporting the causes that they love
  4. Endowment funds (or ‘donor advised funds’) are growing in popularity and research indicates that donors want them in the mix as a wider range of giving options
  5. Over time an endowment fund will strengthen your charity and enable you to spend more of your energy on your mission and less on fundraising
  6. It’s fundraising with a strategic lens, appealing to forward-thinking Boards
  7. Your endowment fund will be suggested as an option for donors and marketed along with the range of Community Foundation funds
  8. Economies of scale and a very low fee structure lead to better investment returns
  9. The capital is preserved forever, with the extra income being reinvested each year to ensure fund health and factoring in inflation
  10. Funds are held off your balance sheet with income flowing back as a revenue stream


Talk to your local Community Foundation today about starting your own charity endowment fund