Safe online casinos New Zealand


New casinos and casino sites open every week in New Zealand. Every year more than 100 new online casinos in New Zealand open their doors. I promise you that not all of these casinos are safe online casinos. We believe it is important that you stay safe when you are playing for real money. It doesn’t matter if you play casinos, bet on sports, play bingo or poker. Safety is very important!

On this page, we focus on safe gambling and safe online casinos. We’ll show you our favorite safe online casinos for 2021 and tell you how you can tell if a casino is safe or not.

Safe Online Casinos 2021

The list below gives you an overview of safe online casinos. Before you read further on how to find a safe casino, you might want to take a quick look at these casinos and the bonuses they offer. You may have already found a safe casino that meets your requirements. You can’t go wrong picking a safe casino from this list because we’ve tested them all. This is just a fraction of the 500+ casinos we have already tested for you. The casinos listed here are the safest casino sites you’ll find online. Below the top list, you can read how we found these safe online casinos.

What is a safe online casino?

A secure online casino is a secure site with casino games. You can play casino games for fun or for real money. Secure casino sites have a valid gaming license and use secure payment and withdrawal methods. When you play at a safe casino site, you always get a fair gaming experience and you always get money.

When is a casino safe?

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As mentioned, there are hundreds of different online casinos on the Internet and on mobile devices. But when will you know if a casino is safe and secure? We always advise our visitors to only play at casinos that are listed on our website because they are 100% safe, secure and honest. Before we add a casino to our portfolio of reviews, we play the casino and check whether it is safe or not. Below we show you what we look for when we try a casino and when we do a review.


We only add a casino if it has at least one valid license from a reputable gambling authority. Casinos with a valid license are constantly reviewed by official regulators. When a casino has a valid license, it gives you certain guarantees. These safeguards keep you and your money safe.


A secure online casino has a very well secured website. Technical security is important to protect your data and financial information. It prevents fraud. We prefer casinos that outsource their security to reliable IT companies.

Fair Games


We only add casinos if they offer fair games. Fair games must use RNG (random number generator). Proven RNG games ensure fair play. Every player has a fair chance. And every player has the same chance of winning. All games must be tested by the gambling authority.

Monthly Audits

Secure online casinos with a license must be audited regularly. Third-party companies conduct monthly audits. They check how the safe casino treats its players and how it handles player funds. The casino never knows when these companies conduct the audits.


Most online casinos are owned by large gambling companies. Or they operate under the white label of a reputable company. New companies with casino sites can be risky. We do a lot of research about a new company before we decide to add a casino to our site or not. If we have slight doubts, we will not recommend this casino to you.

Payments and withdrawals

Casinos are safe when they offer safe and secure payment solutions. All payments and withdrawals must be made by regulated payment companies. These companies do not transmit your payment information to the casino. They only pass on the token so the casino knows you paid or received your money.