Leave a gift in your Will to your local community

It’s easy to leave a gift in your Will to your community through your local Community Foundation.

You can leave a gift either by leaving a percentage of your estate, or a fixed dollar sum.

Your Community Foundation will:
  • talk you through the simple process (if you have an existing Will rest assured that you won’t need to rewrite a whole new one!)
  • ensure that your gift will support the causes that you care about – forever.
You can:
  • Leave a gift in your Will to your own named Endowment Fund – is there a cause that you care about? You can set up your very own fund which will continue to give to your cause, forever.
  • Leave a gift in your Will to your Community Foundation’s general fund – your Community Foundation monitors the pulse of your community and channels funds where they are needed most.



What is an Endowment Fund and how does it enable me to give forever?

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Contact your local Community Foundation to discuss leaving a gift in your Will