Community Foundations of New Zealand (CFNZ)

CFNZ supports the new establishment and the fast accelerating growth of Community Foundations across New Zealand.

Our member organisations are all local Foundations building a permanent fund which will benefit their local community forever.

How do we do it? Quite simply, we encourage local generosity. We connect local people who care with causes that matter.

Community Foundations are the fastest-growing form of philanthropy in the world today. They are continuing to spread across New Zealand.

If you don’t know how we work, or our crucial points of difference, have a browse through our website and links to member websites to find out more.



What do we do? We:


Make giving easy for everyone

Invest in long-term community transformation

Build a permanent fund for the local community

Provide community leadership

Inspire generosity


How far have we come in NZ?

How do we work?

Why would you choose your local Community Foundation?