Generosity can be as personal as it is impactful

Generosity can be as personal as it is impactful

Eleanor Cater
Community Foundations of New Zealand
22 February 2018

With 15 – very soon to be 16! – Community Foundations spread across New Zealand we are seeing local people catching on to the importance of personal generosity shaping communities.

Community Foundations assist generous people to be changemakers and to have an impact locally. They enable people to realise that change really is within their sphere of influence, and not something that is just for the rich, the famous or the politically-minded.

They enable people to be not just locally-focused but cause-focused, enabling gifts that will benefit the community for generations to come.

There is a strong history of philanthropy in New Zealand, and there is a great deal of wealth that will change hands from this generation to the next. There is also an immense sense of attachment to a place which is held by people who have grown up, chosen to live and dedicated their lives to building a strong local community.

It’s a crucial niche that links generous, philanthropic people with community causes that matter. Community Foundations exclusively fill that niche enabling people to give in a strategic way, together with the surety that donations from their precious life’s work will be well cared for and continue to give forever.

Community Foundations are the natural funding choice with local impact, able to assist with intergenerational wealth transfers and invest back into the community with purpose. And, make no mistake, Community Foundations of New Zealand members must exhibit immense expertise and sound governance to give the confidence for generous people to give in this way. We are proud that our members across New Zealand do all of that.

If you would like more information on what your Community Foundation can do for you and local causes that you care about, contact us today to talk through your options. There are many ways to give and your generosity can certainly be as personally meaningful to you as it is impactful in your community.


Celebrating Women’s Generosity

Celebrating Women’s Generosity

Dellwyn Stuart
CEO, Auckland Foundation
2 February 2018

Female-led social impact is nothing new here in NZ  – this year we celebrate 125 years of world leading women’s suffrage!  But we are relative latecomers to celebrating female philanthropy.  Last year my attention was drawn to the number of funds held by community foundations around the world that focussed on women’s generosity.  At least 150 exist, putting women in the driving seat of granting in their communities.

The drivers of this worldwide movement are many: women enjoy working together and giving collectively, women tend to perceive and use money differently to men, women understand and empathise with the experience of other women so give effectively to them.  When receiving grants, women tend to share their acquired benefits generously with their families and communities.

When women empower women by sharing resources, potent social change occurs.

With the help of Community Foundations of NZ and Philanthropy NZ, we’re excited to have developed the Women Give 2018 event – a deep dive into women’s giving.  If you haven’t already, I encourage you to take a look at our programme. You may have prospective donors, advisors or current donors that would get something out of the event and if so we can extend the membership rate to them.   Let us know.

Men have long been celebrated for their generosity and they are important drivers of change in our communities.  It’s time to recognise and celebrate what women bring, and offer them the platform for their style of generosity to flourish.

Join Community Foundations and Philanthropy New Zealand at Women Give 2018, on March 6th for a day focused on women’s generosity and the role they play in change. Explore how we’re doing as girls and women in New Zealand and the positive impact applying a gender lens to our philanthropy can have.

Full details on the Women Give 2018 programme.