What is an Endowment Fund?


An endowment fund is an invested sum of money, with the investment income going to causes of choice. It enables generous people to give long-term, well  beyond their lifetime, to a cause that they care about.

Advantages of Community Foundation Endowment Funds

  • Utilises Community Foundation expertise in community knowledge, strategic philanthropic giving, investment management and  grant making
  • Entirely donor- focused: distributes income to any cause of choice
  • The donor can remain as public or as private as they wish
  • Enables giving that lasts forever
  • Provides a platform for multi-generational philanthropy and community impact
  • Flexibility; accepts many gift types – giving which can be now and in the future (bequests)
  • Attracts tax benefits
“I like the way that Endowment Fund giving is a more strategic way to give, and will benefit my beloved chosen causes forever,”  Marisha Koh, Nikau Foundation Donor


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