Talking with your clients about philanthropic giving


A meaningful conversation about philanthropy can add significant value to your client relationships. More than ever it is a very relevant conversation to have with your clients given the unprecedented intergenerational wealth transfer from the baby boomers starting to take place.

Given New Zealanders have a longstanding reputation as being one of the most generous countries in the world, it is not surprising that a good portion of this wealth transfer will naturally be directed towards philanthropy.

As a Professional Advisor  you are in a  trusted position to provide comprehensive wealth planning, tax benefits and investment solutions to satisfy each of your clients unique set of circumstances. You are also in the position to  introduce  philanthropy into your client relationship as part of the mix.

Key reasons to discuss philanthropy with your clients:

  1. Professional Advisors who incorporate philanthropy conversation into planning are seen to have a more holistic strategic approach. Your knowledge of philanthropy can be a significant point of difference in your advisory role.
  2. A discussion about philanthropy provides an opportunity for you to connect with the client’s core aspirations and values, and over time, with the client’s family (and beneficiaries).
  3. Relationships with your clients are strengthened through shifting the conversation beyond technical details of tax advice and estate planning
  4. Insights into a clients’ charitable values open up opportunities for business


What are the motivations behind philanthropy?

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