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seedling smallCommunity Foundations can help to add significant value to your client relationships by offering professional philanthropic expertise to complement your work.

Community Foundations make giving easy. They are local and have a unique understanding of the local community’s needs. There are many ways your clients can make an impact, and many different ways to give, and Community Foundations can help your clients to choose which way is best for them

Your local Community Foundation can:

  • Consult with you and your clients on ways we can help them meet their charitable and financial goals.
  • Provide detailed information on a variety of giving strategies.
  • Take a look at easier options for those who have their own charitable trusts, which may be becoming difficult to manage.
  • Accommodate gifts such as real estate, life insurance policies or shares, which are not easily transferable to other charitable entities.

There are a variety of ways for your client to give through their local Community Foundation, from outright cash gifts through to long term Endowment Funds. All options can be designed to help them make the most of tax benefits, maintaining their financial security, and, of course, looking after family first.



“Those who work in the law profession are keen to establish long-term relationships with their clients and I have found that a significant way to do this is to have a meaningful conversation about giving or philanthropy,” Bill Holland, Partner Holland Beckett Law in Tauranga.

“I really enjoy talking to my clients about giving. I find most often it’s a warm conversation motivated by their desire to impact the community and their passion for a cause. Many people are also seeking reassurance that their wealth will be used wisely”, Liz Koh, Financial Advisor, Wellington.

“Being in the position to have conversations with clients about social matters and causes, and how they may assist during their lifetimes and after their deaths, is a real privilege.  Such conversations go straight to the heart of what clients value as being important to them, ” Kirsten Harper, Principal, Treadwell Gordon.

Read the article ‘Adding Significant Value to Client Relationships’ in the September edition of The New Zealand Law Society’s magazine Lawtalk


Talking with your clients about philanthropic giving

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