An early story of a Community Foundation…

In Vancouver 75 years ago Miss Alice McKay sought the advice of W.J. Van Dusen, a partner in MacMillan-Bloedel, on what to do with the $1,000 she had saved from her secretarial job. She wanted to invest her savings in a way that was both creative and significant for the people of British Columbia.

Van Dusen added $1,000 to Miss McKay’s savings and challenged nine other donors to match his gift. Then, with that initial endowment of $11,000, he created Vancouver Foundation.

This modest fund of capital has today grown to more than $1 billion and Vancouver Foundation, among the largest Community Foundations in North America, works with generous people, charitable organisations and the people of British Columbia in a wide variety of ways. Over time it has grown to become a vitally important feature of the social and cultural landscape of British Columbia.

Time shows us that, when well managed and carefully run, a Community Foundation can make a significant contribution to the quality of life in its town, city or region. It can be a very powerful local force for good.