Stories from generous people supporting their communities

shirley potterLocal generous people are our heroes, contributing in countless ways to their communities.

Some prefer to choose to give now and experience the immense satisfaction that their generosity brings, while others prefer to give later through a gift in their Will and enjoy leaving a lasting legacy.

Some generous donors choose a particular cause of interest while others decide that current local Trustees can decide the areas which need the most crucial support at any one point in time.

Giving is as personal as it is rewarding, and it is entirely up to you how you choose to support your community.

That’s what is different and so powerful about supporting your local Community Foundation – the generous people who care are at the heart and soul of what we do. We connect you as a giving and caring individual with the causes that matter to you – and we enable you to support your chosen cause(s), forever.

There is no doubt that donating, supporting a cause that you care about, is incredibly rewarding. Read some of our stories and contact us today if you are keen to support your own community in this way.


Phil Carmichael writes….

“When you think about the fact that Acorn, my local Community Foundation, invests the funds and only gives away a portion each year you understand the huge value of a Community Foundation. It means your legacy goes on forever. I like that, as over time it will become a major amount of money for those community organisations that need support. And if I look at my own situation, I think its nice to give while I am alive. It means I can see some of the results.”

“When I am gone my children will be able to be involved. It sets a good example for them now and they may be encouraged to do the same. By telling my story, I hope it helps the whole system to grow and create more awareness of what Community Foundations are doing for communities in New Zealand.”


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