Community Foundations of New Zealand (CFNZ)

seedling smallCFNZ supports the new establishment and the fast accelerating growth of Community Foundations across New Zealand.

Our member organisations are all local Foundations building a permanent fund which will benefit their local community forever.

How do we do it? Quite simply, we encourage local generosity. We connect local people who care with causes that matter.

Community Foundations are the fastest-growing form of philanthropy in the world today. They are continuing to spread across New Zealand.

If you don’t know how we work, or our crucial points of difference, have a browse through our website and links to member websites to find out more.

How do we work?

Why would you choose your local Community Foundation?


We are proud of our professional status, with members striving to achieve the following:

1. We help build strong communities

Strong, vital communities are those in which everyone can participate. They are resourceful and resilient. Community foundations nurture and build our communities strengths and assets. We respond to challenges and opportunities and support organisations to do likewise.

2. We seek to understand and care for our communities

Changes to the economy, the environment and demographics are constant and affect our country and communities. We participate in the life of the community, continually engaging in research, consultation and discussion. We track and report on local and national trends and respond to change.

3. We embrace diversity and create opportunities for discussion

Supporting a vibrant community means ensuring that people with different experiences and points of view are included. We bring together people in our communities for discussion and joint problem solving. We engage the broader community in our deliberations and decision making.

4. We work together and embrace partnerships

More can be achieved when we work together. We support and act collaboratively and believe in the power of joint action to maximise our community’s opportunity and respond to our challenges. We initiate, participate in and support partnerships that build community vitality and are based on shared vision and mutual responsibility.

5. We tackle pressing issues

We believe philanthropy, or personal generosity, has a role to play in addressing some of the most pressing issues of our time. We work with other foundations, organisations, business and government in our region and across the country to strengthen our communities and their resources.

6. We are focused on providing excellent services

We recognise the central importance of the generous people who give to their communities and seek to provide them with responsive high-quality attention and service that helps them to maximise the effectiveness and enjoyment of their giving.

7. We grant for breadth and impact

We grant broadly and to all aspects of community life, supporting charitable organisations and programmes that are able to provide evidence of the positive difference they are making.

8. We building community assets and champion generosity

We build permanent funds as community resources both now and for the future. We are passionate champions of philanthropy or generosity and we engage people young and old and from all walks of life and traditions. Generous people work with us to find the best ways possible to assist their communities and gain great joy from giving.

9. We learn and share what we know

We have extraordinary opportunities to learn from the causes we assist, the generous people we work with, the community partners and colleagues we have around New Zealand and around the world. We learn, gather data, question, reflect and evaluate so that we can have a real impact on the important issues in our community and country.

10. We are responsive and accountable

We are credible and reputable guardians of community resources and we are committed to being accountable, responsible and transparent. We continually look for the best ways to invest our assets to make the best community impact. We are open and accessible, fair and objective, flexible and timely as we work with generous people, causes and others in the community to truly make a difference.